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Rita was born in Kosovo, 22-year-old grew up in London. Along with the debut last year, the number 1 in the three songs consecutive Wimbledon as a feat as the first UK artist. The number 1 in the Wimbledon first album reached the gorgeous production team Will I Am and Stargate, Drake and others Diplomat also “Ola”. I went the first performance in Japan in March.

Rita Ora with three beats looks, vitality and the song, landed in Japan at last. She had been whispered with Beyonce “to be” next plays a contract with the label “Rock Nation” in his 18 years as a fair-haired boy of Jay · Z “Rihanna the next”. As if to meet their expectations, is fed to all British No.1 3 singles sooner or debut last year, won a stunning Wimbledon No.1 debut album “Ola”. It is she that different scales feeling and from the peripheral information anyway, but when I actually met, it is overwhelmed by the size of the vessel, which I do not think the character free-spirited a daring, and 22 years old. Even during the photo session, towards the camera is going to be attracted to her a moment. I love music from an early age “, I was studying to be fine long willl? Wonder if abnormal little. The years of so-and-so this album is released, the music anyway. Such as was the fashion of what kind of style at the time obsession is horribly was strong with respect to (laughs), ” she went Fascinated by the presence of diva soon. Become hot all of a sudden when to speak the “diva theory”. A person who is full of self-confidence from the inside as a woman is. Diva different demonstration. Might feel that’s a selfish all-you-can-in “hot-tempered person is a diva. So it’s various colors and then diva individual is aligned would not be in addition to anybody interesting enough. Mariah Carey are you and. Beyonce ‘s fascinating is minded sexy anyway Diana Ross, all intense. it embodies the image of women version, each exaggerated of being ” born in Kosovo, grew up in London. He studied the performance-based school that also attended the late Amy Winehouse, it was singing a cover of Destiny’s Child and TLC back to the raw guitar in the pub to the management of his father. It’s her with a bitter smile, “Once in this world actually. I had not only seen the fancy part that was brilliant, albeit a sparkling flashy indeed, but I’m is accompanied by hard work incredibly at the time,” but you have to bother at all there is no state. “The more when they are singing, it’s is not like oneself to. Best thing perfer moment that seems myself’s powerful because” As far as the Japan tour that was singing with one’s hair flying, the departure from the cutie idle off-the-shelf destructive power was Minagi~tsu wild to hide. She called “I risk taker What I” itself. Jay · Z’s also admitted, there is no difference in the first time the diva sat down with such liver kit.

Session 19: Maciej Kucia [GQ Magazine Japan]

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